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Restored Mini-Cooper

Our Mission / Philosophy: As the Automotive Restoration Industry grows along with market values for classic and antique vehicles, Car Men Restorations has begun its mission to preserve automotive history with the ability to completely restore any vehicle whether new or old, classic or antique, foreign or domestic. With the help of Car Men Restorations, clients will be able to capitalize on their investments and have confidence with trusted and qualified workmanship in a safe, full service facility. Whether its professionally detailing your daily vehicle, storing your Sunday driver with our climate controlled options, or custom building your dream classic car, we can adapt our services to meet your expectations.

Our Team

Our staff has a true personal passion for restoring cars as most of them have completed personal projects that they currently drive, show and enjoy. This passion is what sets us apart from others, it's not a's what we like to do. Although cars are our passion, the people are what make it all possible! Our participation in the car collector hobby started in 1991 with the restorations of our own vehicles, leading us to national show level competitions and credentials. The passion we have for this profession is reflected in our current diverse collection of automobiles that are a resource to share with you, our valued customer. Our full service facility takes great pride in doing only the best, highest quality work available. Over the years, we have developed techniques with combining todays industry's leading products and professional expertise that continue to excel us above the rest, setting our standards to the upmost high. Please take the time to get to know us a little better below as we look forward to having the opportunity of building your automotive dreams!

2014 Graduate of Penn College with a Degree in Business and Automotive Restoration Technologies, Carmen has many years of hands on experience in the restoration industry and oversees all operations at Car Men Restorations, LLC.
Restorer and car collector since 1991, Dino assists in business management along with client consults and operations in the shop.
Head of Penn Colleges Automotive Restoration Technologies Program, Roy serves as shop consultant and restoration assistant.
2014 Graduate of Penn College with a Degree in Business and Automotive Restoration Technologies, Ryan has many years experience with some of the worlds most prestigious car collections.
Welder and metal fabricator by trade, Vince has many years experience in CAD and running plasma CNC burn tables making custom orders as needed.
A VoTech graduate with numerous machine shop certifications. Edward is very skilled in all operations throughout the shop and gives the close attention to detail every vehicle and client deserves.

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