Concours Automotive Restoration - Sales - Professional Detailing

Car Men Restorations, LLC


As the Automotive Restoration Industry grows along with market values for classic and antique vehicles, Car Men Restorations has begun its mission to preserve automotive history with the ability to completely restore any vehicle whether new or old, classic or antique, foreign or domestic. With the help of Car Men Restorations, clients will be able to capitalize on their investments and have confidence with trusted and qualified workmanship in a safe, full service shop.

Here at Car Men Restorations, we specialize in all automobile restorations with additional customizing / modifying amenities. We also offer a wide variety of professional auto detailing services. Our facility tailors to the needs of all classic, antique, foreign, domestic and exotic vehicles. Whether you need a partial or concours level restoration, we can adapt our services to meet your expectations. We offer auction / show preparation and representation along with transportation and hauling services with our enclosed trailers.

With combining today's industry leading products and professional expertise, our restorations stand out among the rest. Our participation in the car collector hobby started in 1991 with the restorations of our own vehicles, leading us to national show level competitions and credentials. The passion we have for this profession is reflected in our current diverse collection of automobiles that are a resource to share with you, our valued customer. We look forward to building your automotive dreams!